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How to Run WinRAR Password Recovery Quickly?

Forgot RAR password? In daily life, there’re always times you may forget the password for RAR archives, or some colleagues who set the password had left the company without leaving the password…Well, there are just countless reasons...

Six Tips to Make Your Mac Safer -Cnet

In the wake of Flashback, everybody’s asking if Macs are still safe. Here are six easy tips on how to be your own gatekeeper. The Flashback Trojan went viral last week, infecting an estimated 1 percent of OS X computers worldwide. While...

A Web based Security Solution to Ensure Secure File Transmission

SutiSafe works with any email client allowing users to send documents and files as they do now. The solution is browser/Operating System independent, uses AES 256-bit encryption, does not require any cryptographic keys, and supports most file...

Date Decryption: Is Your Laptop Safe From Hackers?

Laptop file encryption is modifying the information of the laptop into an unreadable form. Decryption is carried out to create the information able to be used again. Picture the disaster that could take place in losing your laptop without needing...